Hightide bondi heels

October 14th, 2010

I’m a few years behind in the hype of these Hightide heels….But how funny are these wacky flipper heels. Wonder if they actually work?

I know a few girls that would actually wear these too! (no defiantly not me)…when I saw them while googling last night they cracked me up so much I thought i’d better share. I am amazed they are not the height of fashion down at Bondi beach or snorkling sites Clovelly and Manly, maybe they were back in there day?

Bit of background info.
Apparently, these flipper heels were first revealed on the catwalks in 2002, when Australian footwear designer, Lisa Carney, had them on display in a Mercedes-Benz Fashion show. Repeated by Jean Paul Gaultier who sent them swimming down his own catwalk in 2007. Wacky, tacky, but very true!

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