the effect rain has on a creative person

November 14th, 2012

I dont know about you, but I love listening to the sound of rain when Im creating. This probably sounds weird. But this probably stems from my childhood growing up in the country of New Zealand, where it rained for days straight, with nothing better to do, but be mesmerised by the sound of the rain tapping on the tin roof, which got my imagination/daydreaming going, which lead to wonderful creations. I find myself drawn to this feeling as an adult when I’m creating also. I find it really relaxing and also rather meditative, calming … also it allows me to not think i’d rather be outside enjoying the sunshine, at the beach etc. But safe, warm and comfy inside making, crafting, creating or designing.

A friend of mine just recently sent me this website link to ““, which got me onto this topic, now I can choose when its raining and when its not.. (In terms of my creative process – I’m thinking my creating days are going to be even more powerful than before”) I will let you know how I go!

In the mean time if your like me and enjoy the sound of rain tapping against your window while you work have a look and listen to (I really think they are onto something here), a really simple, yet fab idea!

You can also suggest tunes to play with the rain also! Another lovely idea! Im really into Bon Iver at the moment and think it works perfectly. Have a listen!

Enjoy the rain tapping against your window (computer monitor) while you create!


a smile in your mind moment

May 24th, 2012

I actually was searching for typographic inspiration today and came across Jason Munn, not so much typographic inspiration but “ok I admit I got a little distracted by his stunning poster design”.
He’s been around for quite some time, and has even compiled a book of over 150 posters he’s done for different musicians: The Small Stakes: Music Posters. I dont have it but think It might be going to be added to my design/resource collection of inspirations.
I love how his posters give you that “aha” moment and make your little smiles come out to play as you get the inner message or the “other part of the picture” “a smile in your mind moment”.

Enjoy! S

this little light of mine

May 13th, 2012

Speaks for itself , Let it SHINE!!!!

a spoonful of churp to your day!

April 15th, 2012

Bobby McFerrin’s Dont worry be Happy!

How inspiring and uplifting are the musical creations by Bobby McFerrin. A complete master using his body as an instrument. I love the energy. Best to Youtube him and listen to some of his other works also. So uplifting!

He performs both the main melody and the accompanying parts of songs. He makes use of percussive effects created both with his mouth and by tapping on his chest. “No special effects team here” McFerrin is a unique and truly talented man.

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