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January 23rd, 2014

Last year (2013) i decided to take a break from the full-time designer routine to a more part-time freelance routine and in those 2 days a week – return to the freedom of exploring and experimenting without a specific project or outcome in mind. Delving into new exciting things, getting back to basics and rediscovering being creative with new mediums to play and work with has been a wonderful experience. My curiosity has defiantly “played” as you’ll be able to see from my instagram feed

….So the last few months just before christmas I’ve been busy creating my new online etsy store. ( selling art prints of some of my newly created Illustrations.

My style is influenced by growing up in the country. Even now when I’m not out curiously exploring the outdoors, I’m inside recreating that experience in my drawings. It’s little wonder my illustrations reflect a playful, childlike (curiosity) imagination featuring faeries and pixies mixed with elements of the natural world of flora and fungi. My pieces are mixed medium, comprising of pencil or ink and watercolour. It just seems to be what has come out while I’m not working on all my corporate design work. A great balance I say!


Here are a few out of my collection for your to enjoy: (please view the rest of my collection here)


Like what you see?…then head over  to my online shop to view the rest of my collection. Feel free to share the love with family and friends too! Commissions and comments welcome 🙂 Ta! Enjoy!

Twinks & Jaielly

December 28th, 2010

Been working on a few sketches of late. Feels likes ages since I sat down with a pad and pencil and sketched with out no purpose just sketched something for myself. So heres what appeared in front of me when I did just that. I’m not sure where these two will end up yet. Any ideas? Hope you guys like them.

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