sprouted from a toilet roll

May 28th, 2012

Toilet rolls sprouting with spreading branches are installed to a wall to create a forest… I didn’t realise I would find a toilet roll to be so beautiful. I’m now just imaginaing with the right light on these master pieces these would look amasing photographed in a really contrasting setting. The man behind the srpouting toliet rolls is Yuken Teruya an artist based in New York.
 He works with various materials such as toilet paper rolls, paper shopping bags, Pizza Boxes and Butterfly chrysalises.

Have a look-see to see some more of Yuken’s little ideas sprouted from his mind here. My other favourites is The Giving Tree project and Minding My Own Business. I’m truly inspired 😀

Moss Art

January 3rd, 2011

I am loving this whole Moss Art idea by UK designer Anna Garforth. Eco-friendly Graffiti at one of its best. Stunning use of typography, art, gardening and advertising.

Anna Garforth works with recycled and natural media, so far her sustainble artworks have been used for public events, community projects, workshops, campaigns, publications and exhibitions.

Hugable Aminals inspired by children’s imaginations

January 2nd, 2011

How fabulous are these organic softies made from the actual drawings of little kids, called Aminals. They are creative expression at its most honest – and most hilarious!

Each Aminals organic doll is inspired by the brilliant, unfettered imagination that only comes through in children’s drawings. These organic kids toys embody the exaggerated proportions, squiggly lines, and bright colors that come with creative expression at its most honest and fun.

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