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April 7th, 2014

As a creative I think its important to learn new things. Practise new methods of achieving different results…to curiously play with new techniques/challenges. This helps us to learn, develop and grow!

For about a year now I’ve been setting myself little creative challenges, sometimes they are daily, weekly or monthly…sometimes just with myself and sometimes these challenges are between another creative friend and I. These creative challenges I’m setting myself are more about exploring other avenues of creativity that we or I haven’t experienced before or have a keen interest to further develop a particular area. I’ve actually found these creative challenges really satisfying! I’ve even got my mum on board so she can curiously explore her own inner creative self abit more!

Do you set yourself creative challenges? even just little ones?

So to name a few of my own personal challenges:

• A letter a day challenge with instagram (please see images in a earlier blog post)
• Shibori dying fabric – playing with the indigo ink, resists with different types of fabrics
• Screen printing cushions – playing with emulsion and stencil techniques.
• A butterfly a day challenge – a daily challenge drawing a different butterfly a day with ink and watercolour (please see images below)
• Calligraphy – on going playing with different brushes, pens, strokes (earlier blog post)

• One challenge I had with a friend of mine was we both sent each other mini canvas’s, each person had to pick a word for the canvas to be based on. they had 1 month to complete it…and send it back to the other person.
• Crochet Rocks – Is the creative challenge between my mum and I ….She’s a fab crocheter but has only just started again after about a 20 year gap… and me well I had no idea how… so we crochet a rock using differenet stitches and send them to each learning the stitch she has just re-learnt for herself. We are both getting a beautiful collection of crochet rocks!

….There are lots more but thats just a few to get the gist.

So I’ve decided to start sharing some of my challenges on here with you all. You can also see what I’m up to on instragram (i’m a little addicted to uploading my creative challenges there and I seem to be better at posting more regularly to instagram apposed to here on my blog).

So below are 3 of my favourite watercolour and ink splattered butterflies. These were part of my weekly challenge of a butterfly a day challenge I set with myself a few weeks back. I had a fair bit of interest from these so have had a few reproduced as art prints and have them for sale in my etsy shop.

So for now enjoy until my next post…would love to hear if you’ve sent yourself creative challenges? and have you discovered any new desire within yourself to create more? Has it become an exciting little addiction to learn a new skill, or delve furthermore into it to create something bigger??? Look forward to hearing your comments! 🙂

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