the effect rain has on a creative person

November 14th, 2012

I dont know about you, but I love listening to the sound of rain when Im creating. This probably sounds weird. But this probably stems from my childhood growing up in the country of New Zealand, where it rained for days straight, with nothing better to do, but be mesmerised by the sound of the rain tapping on the tin roof, which got my imagination/daydreaming going, which lead to wonderful creations. I find myself drawn to this feeling as an adult when I’m creating also. I find it really relaxing and also rather meditative, calming … also it allows me to not think i’d rather be outside enjoying the sunshine, at the beach etc. But safe, warm and comfy inside making, crafting, creating or designing.

A friend of mine just recently sent me this website link to ““, which got me onto this topic, now I can choose when its raining and when its not.. (In terms of my creative process – I’m thinking my creating days are going to be even more powerful than before”) I will let you know how I go!

In the mean time if your like me and enjoy the sound of rain tapping against your window while you work have a look and listen to (I really think they are onto something here), a really simple, yet fab idea!

You can also suggest tunes to play with the rain also! Another lovely idea! Im really into Bon Iver at the moment and think it works perfectly. Have a listen!

Enjoy the rain tapping against your window (computer monitor) while you create!


day dreaming + nature = my creativity

April 22nd, 2012

I was just reading through my other blog page over at and stumbled across this article I had written back in 2009. Which I found to be really interesting, and wanted to share it on my blog here with you also, with a few additional bits.

I have always believed in the importance of creativity in ones life even from an early age (without even realising it), I think it truly does shape the people we are or turn out to be. Creativity teaches you so many things; it connects you with others, expresses your feelings, engages you to learn, react and make decisions, to dream!

I believe nature and creativity go hand in hand. Nature encourages us to day dream, to wander, it inspires us to ask questions and explore. Why do Honey Bee’s create a hexagon shape pattern in the honey so perfectly? and why is it a hexagon shape? How does nature create such amazing colours?

For me, it’s not so much about taking ideas from nature as the way the experience of being outside affects my mind and my creativity.

Encouraging and accepting creativity into our lives the more healthier and happier we will be I believe.

We are living in an information age and most of us use screens and gadgets to communicate with and not human beings or nature. Think about it for a minute…. the amount of time you spend at your desk/ in front of your computer, reading your iphone? Its not that I disagree with these things, as a graphic designer I too use them, I just want to make people aware that taking the time out to enjoy your creative side, to explore nature, to day dream, to wander why the grass is green and the sky is blue, to think out side the box… is important and like exercise is also part of having a healthy balanced life and mind.

I think it is important also that our – your children – the great minds of our future are encouraged and are aware of the importance of creativity and their own self expression.

Through creative self expression you can gage a lot into the mind of that person.

Looking back to my childhood – I was very lucky to live in the country and be surround by nature, waterfalls and the stunning new zealand bush….I was always creating things, i remember i was given a camera for Chirstmas from my aunty one year, it was a very very basic one, but with my pocket money i use to buy a film, and take pictures of the sky, trees, rainbows, refections of water and  animals – i use to love the shapes, colours, textures and innocence and cuteness of the little chicken’s or bunny rabbits or the tadpoles and frog’s playing in the trough down the stream. i use to save up to get them developed, sometimes it was a year or so later (and discovered again how wonderful they were), I made mazes in the long grass (before dad use to get it made into hay), collected wild flowers, different types of leaves and seeds, shells from the beach, drift wood and made collages, little gift tags and drew pictures on them – sold them to my parents and grandparents for 5 cents each. I played in the streams, made dams and mud pies – cooking them in the pretend oven (a fallen down tree) . the memories go on and on…. and all these fond memories stem from my imagination + day dreaming + nature = my creativity.

I just wanted to share this with you, and hope that it does inspire, trigger your imagination or welcome the importance of creativity and nature and day dreaming into your and your families life’s.

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