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Hello Cocky

. . . Is turning up in a range of locations..... Have you seen him in your area yet?

It's always so lovely to see where my birds fly off to. Hello Cocky looks very HIP and HAPPY in his new Southgate, Melbourne, Australia @airbnb bedroom don't you think? ...and speaking of new homes... in all his new nests.

"Thank you! We are very happy with the outcome - I think Hello Cocky looks great in the bedroom of our airbnb apartment" ~ Darshini

Hello Cocky, welcomes the sunrise! Wakey-wakey he calls as he cross's the sun-kissed morning sky. Australian Sulphur-crested cockatoo flies into your life to help ignite the purity of your spirit and is there to teach you how to communicate in unpredictable ways. Can be seen as a messenger of light at the end of the tunnel. Understands the power of sunrise, communication skills & inquisitiveness.

::Photo credits to my lovely customers!

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