Photo credit: Dr Jarrad B. Elson

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Cheetah the Cheater

I'm a big fan of exploring nature and the wilderness, so when Port Lincoln Dentist - Dr Jarrad B. Elson approached me with his idea of a children's picture book. I jumped at the chance, to join in on the adventurous journey of visual story-telling in the jungle of self-publishing!

Jarrad approached me to design the layout and art direct his self-published children’s book - Cheetah the Cheater.

I created the branding 'title', designed and art directed the layout.

My hat goes off to Jarrad and to the oh so talented illustrator Erika Tcogoeva for the time and effort involved. Was a superb team effort and was such a pleasure working with you both on Cheetah the Cheater!

Deliverables. Brand identity, Art direction, Book design and layout

So just how did a normal 'everyday' dentist come to write a picture book? ..... Find out Jarrad's full story and all about Cheetah the Cheater children's picture book here!

Don't forget to grab a copy while you're at it, I'm sure they will SELL OUT QUICK!


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