great balls of wire sculptures

So I’ve just recently been back to New Zealand and while I was there I made these “Giant Wire Ball Sculptures” …and I thought i’d share the outcome with you guys!

I was pleasantly surprised how I managed to “make them work” Im guessing my basic Basketry random weave skills paid off. I’m pretty happy with the outcome! The biggest one measures 1.2m diameter, the smallest 57cm diameter…middle sized is halfway in between (as I forgot to measure it)!

I posted these on Instagram and I’ve had a few people curious how I created my Giant Wire Ball creations, which were purely my “Curiosity & Creativity Playing” I was inspired by something not the same, but similar….and was keen to create my own style/version! Seriously just using my hands and body at times, my intuitive guess work, my knowledge of beginning a basic basket & random weave. I set out with a pair of wire cutters and some of my Dad’s fencing wire (not knowing it was his good fencing wire at the time – whoops)! I randomly tangled the wire (& myself at times) together… keeping in mind I wanted a sphere shape. I discovered using new wire helped keep the sphere shape. As, originally I wanted to create an up-cycled barbed wire ball using old rusty barbed wire off an old fence…but due to not enough old wire for the sized ball I wanted to create my first were created with new wire.

These”Wire Balls” are now a lovely sculpture at my Mum and Dads farm, as they were a bit to “big” to bring back on the plane.

I am now creating some more, which I’d love to somehow exhibit or make custom ones for people . I think these Wire Sculptures would look fabulous at a Vineyard, Winery, Parklands, Botanical Garden setting. If your interested, please get in touch! Also get in touch if anyone has or knows anyone wanting to get rid of some rusty barbed wire in Melbourne Victoria, Australia Ta x


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