enjoy the sweet things in life like the rainbow lorikeet

I’ve been playing with some new birds recently. The Rainbow Lorikeet being one of them… I call them Lifesavers (like the lollies). Bursts of vibrant colour.

A Rainbow Lorikeet may literally drop into your life – drunk from the alcoholic content in nectar, which has fermented in the sun! If you encounter a bird ‘over the limit,’ are you overdoing the ‘giddy with pleasure’ and ‘high on life’ theme? Or maybe it’s time to ‘hang loose!’ If a bird has fallen from a tree, your sense of balance is especially sensitive in the issues you are most excited about – savour the pleasure but don’t become too carried away or lose your direction, fall off a branch or invite a hangover! If a gorgeous Rainbow Lorikeet graces you with her presence, she’s encouraging you to take time out to relax, enjoy life and play more.

These birds often hang upside-down to eat, or while climbing – having a different perspective is very possible with any lorikeet. Humour is a gift too!

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