ephemeral art – February, March #curiosityplays

May 16th, 2016

::a daily CREATIVE meditation through February and March 2016 – I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed making them.

If meditation is not usually your thing, or you find 999 other things which are more important than 20 minutes of stillness, have you considered a CREATIVE meditation? Like ephemeral art making?

Ephemeral Art? Whats that you ask?

A number of art forms can be considered ephemeral because of their temporary nature. Early land art and all sand sculptures, ice sculptures and chalk drawings on footpaths are examples of ephemeral art. Ephemerality is the concept of things being transitory, existing only briefly. Typically the term ephemeral is used to describe objects found in nature, although it can describe a wide range of things.

To get me in the mood for my ephemeral art creative meditation, I usually head off for a walk in nature: to the beach, the park, or around the block …sometimes just a visit to my garden is all I need to get my creative juices flowing.

It’s about mindfully taking the time to switch off to the pressures of daily life and to help get in the “mood” I encourage you to take a closer look at your surroundings – whether it be a bird on a branch above your head, or the dried seedpods and leaves beneath your feet – get closer – be curious – to find and enjoy the intricate details of nature. We are all connected you know!

By taking just 5 mins to tune out and create everyday… you’ll be amazed how your creativity will lead you on an amazing journey and could just change your life in wonderful ways you never thought it ever could.

Ephemeral artist Shona Wilson has made up a Ephemeral Art making recipe. Why don’t you give it a try? You can see I have above these are my creations from February and March 2016 and you can see Januarys here.

:: Shona Wilson’s Ephemeral Art recipe ::

• one a day ephemeral art

• using only natural found objects on site

• no tools

• rain or shine

• tired or inspired

• 5-50mins

• a daily practice

Enjoy…and if you do give it a try, I’d be delighted to hear how you go. If you like you can tag me on instagramI find it’s the best tool for collecting and sharing my daily creative meditations. I use #curiosityplays for all my ephemeral creations.

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new collaboration with Mulbury

March 13th, 2016

Without further ado…..I’m delighted to finally share my excitement with you all of my new collaboration with Mulbury the leading eco furniture manufacturers in Melbourne, Australia. Specialising in recycled industrial furniture, rescued timber picture frames & unique home wares.
To us both, “recycling materials is one of the purest forms of maintaining the earth and we’re absolutely dedicated on leaving this planet in a better condition than when we found it.”
Mulbury’s enthusiasm for the planet and beautiful creations …combined with mine are just a match made in heaven! Well thats what I think anyway!

My first discovery in finding the Mulbury store….I thought I was in a rustic industrial home interiors / styling heaven. If you haven’t been – be sure to pop along next time your in Melbourne. Its AWESOME!

Mulbury with its amazing products (and a few of mine, like these vine ball pendant lights) will be at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show this week coming from Wednesday 16th – Sunday 20th March. Mulbury is also running a competition to win 2x tickets to the show so pop on over to their FB feed check them out

my ephemeral art challenge 2016 ~ january

March 2nd, 2016

I’ve decided this year while on my morning walks to create an ephemeral art piece using only natural found objects and share it on instagram.

Ephemeral, is such a beautiful word. I find the definition matches the word itself, its meaning being: lasting a very short time, short-lived, transitory. It does give a whole new purpose to the art being created.

Inspired from a Collaborations with Nature workshop I took part in November last year with Australian Ephemeral artist Shona Wilson. I’ve decided to take on my own daily collaborations with nature. One a day ephemeral art piece. Only found objects. <1hr. 365 days (actually 366 days its a leap year).

It’s part of my everyday creative practise of using my imagination, curiously playing and exploring… Looking up, down, around me in my travels. Exploring the present moment & what nature and life has to offer.

It allows me to make a link between the transitioning stages between life and death within nature. It is this shifting state which contributes to the overall message that I’m trying to share.

As you can see Photography plays a crucial role in my ephemeral art making. With each piece of art I attempt to capture it at its most aesthetic angle allowing it to shine in its own uniqueness! Time/Weather is either on my side or against…Some lasting for as little as 1 second to months on end….but it’s just all part of the ephemeral process. I approach it with mindfulness, and to me its my own personal “creative meditation” I start my day with, and each piece so far has a story to tell.

I hope you also will enjoy my journey! The images above are what I created in January.

Please feel free to follow my progress on instagram 🙂 the hashtag I use for every piece is #curiosityplays

enjoy the sweet things in life like the rainbow lorikeet

March 2nd, 2016

I’ve been playing with some new birds recently. The Rainbow Lorikeet being one of them… I call them Lifesavers (like the lollies). Bursts of vibrant colour.

A Rainbow Lorikeet may literally drop into your life – drunk from the alcoholic content in nectar, which has fermented in the sun! If you encounter a bird ‘over the limit,’ are you overdoing the ‘giddy with pleasure’ and ‘high on life’ theme? Or maybe it’s time to ‘hang loose!’ If a bird has fallen from a tree, your sense of balance is especially sensitive in the issues you are most excited about – savour the pleasure but don’t become too carried away or lose your direction, fall off a branch or invite a hangover! If a gorgeous Rainbow Lorikeet graces you with her presence, she’s encouraging you to take time out to relax, enjoy life and play more.

These birds often hang upside-down to eat, or while climbing – having a different perspective is very possible with any lorikeet. Humour is a gift too!

{in the media} the wellbeing corner

March 1st, 2016

I’ve been a little bit popular lately *blush* the lovely Catherine from The Wellbeing Corner has done an interview with me on my connection with nature. Such an honour to be featured. Thanks so much Catherine for the opportunity…. Hop on over if your curious!

>>>Link to story here<<<

{in the media} onefourfour

February 9th, 2016

The Onefourfour 2015 exhibition is over and here’s my interview! Hop on over if your curious!

>>>Link to interview here<<<

Looking forward to the final exhibition! So much gratitude to IIona Nelson for all her behind the scenes hard work and creating this AWE-SPIRING online exhibition! Has been a fun ride, thanks so much for including me in onefourfour’s 2015 12 female artists!

{my happy customers}

December 14th, 2015

It gives me so much pleasure when my happy customers send me photos of my illustrations in their homes. Here’s just a few happy snaps from my lovely customers in their happy homes. Enjoy

illustrators australia member

November 23rd, 2015

I’ve been accepted as a proud member of Illustrators Australia ! Woohoo! Check it out!

{in the media} the K J collective

November 18th, 2015

EXCITING news! Kelly at The K J Collective has done a very lovely article about me and my art on her website! How lucky am I – blushing much, I think so! If your curious hop on over and have a look!

Thanks so much Kelly x x x

onefourfour 2015 exhibition

June 1st, 2015

So honoured & grateful to be asked to be apart of the 2015 Onefourfour group exhibition (twelve artists | twelve months | twelve themes onefourfour artworks) run by the very talented artist Ilona B Nelson … (follow and/or head over to Onefourfour to learn more about it.

Along with 12 other artists each month of 2015 I will be creating an art piece for this online exhibition along with being interviewed. In 2016 an actual exhibition will take place where the original artwork will be up for sale.

JANUARY = Dreamworld (watercolour and ink)

MARCH = Connection – Cascading Pearls (watercolour)

APRIL = Transform (giclee art print of original watercolour)

MAY = Obsession (watercolour collage) – As you can see I have a slight “obsession with fallen leaves”

Enjoy! I will be posting more pics throughout the rest of the year.

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