366:366 of ephemeral art – december #curiosityplays

OMGoodness!!! This is it! The last month December.



I can’t believe I’ve accomplished 366:366 days of creative ephemeral art meditations ~ celebrating the end of 2016!

366. That seems to have gone by rather quickly. I started the year thinking how am I going to accomplish 366 pieces… But here I am at the other side, I made it. Yahoo!

It has been a wonderful journey of C U R I O U S L Y  P L A Y I N G everyday amongst nature “taking a deeper look into the world which is often overlooked by many. Drawing inspiration from my surrounds – both natural and urban. Finding the beauty in patterns, textures, imperfections. the forgotten, the weathered, the discarded and creating something unique with them once a day for 366 days of 2016.

To me this was like a creative meditation. I would never plan a piece I would just head out for a wander and see what intuitively presented itself to me. From there I would play n ponder then create my ephemeral art composition from my foraged finds. I’d take a picture to share with you on instagram, then I liked to leave it for someone else to find and enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who followed, commented, encouraged me along the way. I not only felt like I was creating for me but for you too, so thank you so kindly for all your kind supportive words.

It’s interesting to think I’ve done this ever since I was a child, but never knew it was “a thing” that others also did it. Who would of thought there was an actual name for it too! I always just thought it was apart of me and my creativity, just like making sand castles at the beach and arranging shells… its all ephemeral art! which I only learnt the name “last year”. I know right OMG!

Thank you also to the group of amazing talented fellow “ephemeral artists” out there who have been apart of this challenge in 2016 (you know who you are) you’ve inspired me and I feel over this last year become friends, I hope we can stay in touch.

The biggest THANK YOU to Shona (@shonawilsonartist ) for your ongoing encouragement and for initially coming up with the ‘recipe’ your a true inspiration.

You can find my whole years ephemeral art creations and can learn more about each individual piece head over to my instagram and instagram hashtag #curiosityplays . If you’ve enjoyed this you might like to follow my ephemeral journey and monthly blog updates below:

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